UHN/MSH Medical Consult Service
CanMeds 2005
Medical Expert

To develop an approach to and further knowledge of the clinical problems in peri-operative care:
  1. Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation using risk indices
  2. Use of Preoperative diagnostic tests and implementation of guidelines
  3. Management of medications, anticoagulation, and steroids
  4. Management of diabetes mellitus and hypertension
  5. Management of thromboembolic disease
  6. Endocarditis prophylaxis
  7. Approach to postoperative cardiac and respiratory complications
  8. Approach to postoperative electrolyte abnormalities
  9. Medical complications of pregnancy (DM, Hypertension, Thyroid Disease, Thromboembolism)


  1. Accurately elicit and synthesize information from patients, families, colleagues, and other
  2. Convey accurately relevant information and treatment plans to patients, families, colleagues, and
    other professionals
  3. Convey effective oral and written information about the encounter


  1. Participate in an inter-professional healthcare team
  2. Effectively work with other health professionals to deal with inter-professional conflict


  1. Develop time management skills to reflect and balance priorities for patients, sustainable practice,
    and personal life
  2. Allocate finite healthcare resources appropriately by applying evidence

Health Advocate

  1. Identify opportunities for patient counseling and education regarding their medical conditions
  2. Educate patients regarding lifestyle modifications, especially pertaining to cardio-respiratory disease


  1. Critically appraise literature regarding the diagnosis and treatment of issues in perioperative care
  2. Demonstrate an effective lecture or presentation


  1. Demonstrate a commitment to their patients and profession through ethical practice by exhibiting
    honesty, integrity, commitment, compassion, respect and altruism
  2. Appropriately manage conflicts of interest

Note:          The full CanMeds 2005 Objectives are available on the
Royal College web site.