Early Hemoglobin Screening

            Arthroplasty Patients              Gross, Backstein, Safir    2009


Please collect a CBC and Group & Screen at the early pre-op visit.


The CBC will need to be reviewed by the surgeon within a day or two after the test.

The Group and Screen is the first step in the new two step process for all crossmatch testing.



Hgb <100

For hemoglobin results less then 100, an assessment for anemia will be required for planned surgery and may take considerable time before the date when OR time becomes available. Ambulatory Internal Medicine Clinic presently assesses with anemia for the pre-operative patients at MSH can be contacted through PAU.




For hemoglobins more than 100 and less than 140 the patients would be requested to start oral iron therapy up to 6 weeks pre-operatively. Studies suggest half of these mildly anemic patients would be expected to respond to iron therapy before the PAU visit and have a decreased transfusion requirement.

            Rx        Ferrous Gluconate 300mg PO TID        # 100      Rx2



For patients requesting Autologous blood donation please arrange for a PAU assessment at least 3 weeks prior to surgery.




Ron Lenz  transfusion coordinator                     2627                fax 8830

PAU                                                                8824                fax 3230

AIM  (C Boyce)                                               8563                fax 3168





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