UHN/MSH Medical Consult Service
Orientation is on the first Monday of the rotation.


Mount Sinai Hospital Room 429 (4th floor, University Wing, office of Dr. Detsky/Patel)

Before the orientation, please have a look through the web site to get acquainted with the

This is a service that spans several hospitals and you will be on call for all 3 sites.  To be an
effective consultant,
please make sure you have all of the following arranged
before starting the rotation:

  • EPR (UHN) training and account (416 340 5091)

  • Dictation number for UHN (416 340 4800 x 6000)

  • POWERchart training and account for Mount Sinai
  • Contact information
        tel:         416 586 4800 x 2100
        e-mail:    training@mtsinai.on.ca

                      training instructions

  • Dictation number for Mount Sinai (416 586 4800 x 2649)